Autograph : Tools for self-organization of cooperative social networks

Gathering the domains of sociology, large graphs analysis and visualisation, the aim of Autograph is to develop tools and services to help understand and act on the governance of large cooperative organizations managed through the Internet.

This exploratory project intends to conduct research on several online communities (Debian, Wikipedia, international activists, blogs, SIMS). Graph theory provides new directions for sociologists to study the organizational properties of these collectives.

The aim of the project is to develop new services of visualization, enabling the actors of the studied communities, to " see " the universe in which they cooperate to help them take decisions about the life of their communities. Cartographic and dynamic representations will be developped, enabling an exploration of the structure of the links and the thematic universe of the exchanges among actors. All these results will be developped in a tight relationship with the communities of users.

Partners: France Télécom, ENST, LIAFA, LIMSI, INRIA Futurs/LRI, FING